About Me

Hi! I'm Nikki Bonsol. I’m a writer and graphic designer, but you might also call me:

  • a brand healer,

  • a website whisperer,

  • or a blog birther.

(I love bringing things into being.)

I help healers who long to feel confident about their online presence, but feel like their site is somehow missing the mark. I guide them through the (sometimes challenging, but always cathartic) process of creating their brand, so that they can’t wait to share their work with the world!


What parts of your brand can I help heal?

Your "brand" is communicated through many facets of your business. Here are the three things I can specifically support you with:

1. Your Message: What do you stand for? What's the heart-felt mission statement that rallies your tribe? Figuring this out is the foundation for creating great written content AND a stunning website.

2. Your Voice: What is it about your personality – your essence – that helps your message connect with the right people? How you consistently deliver your message is just as important as the message itself.

3. Your Visual Brand: Do your website and marketing materials make a visual impact that matches the power of your healing work? Having a website that instantly communicates your warmth and your spirit is a wonderful way to welcome potential clients into your practice.

I know from my own branding journey (and from helping these brilliant business owners) that trying to express your true self online can conjure up some really powerful resistance. (Care to binge-watch mediocre sitcoms on Netflix instead of writing an About Page? Anyone?) I’d like to help you get through that so you can press “Publish” and get right back to serving your clients.

Want to Work Together?

What are you bringing to life right now? Things that can make the metaphorical birthing process easier: Helpful Feedback, Validation, Cheerleading, Pretty Things, Laughs, Love, and Reminders to Breathe...If you're a healer, I'd love to support you in any way I can. Here are a few ways we can collaborate:

1:1 Branding & Web Design


I meet with every one of my potential clients to make sure that I'm the right person for your needs.

Let's get to know each other!

*I am not currently accepting new clients.
If you need a referral, I highly recommend Becky at
Tech Side Simplified!

(P.S. If you mention I sent you, you may get a sweet bonus :)

Copywriting Course for Healers


"Write Brave for Healers" teaches you how to write copy that feels good to you AND to your potential clients.

This course runs live twice a year. Come join us!