What is Jumpstart Your Brave Business?


Jumpstart Your Brave Business (JYBB) is for the 9-to-5er ready to fly from the corporate nest. You’re brilliant and ambitious and ready to do good in the world. The problem is: turning your passion into a regularly paying gig is taking a lot longer than you’d hoped it would.

As one of the chosen JYBB participants you'll have a multi-disciplinary business team in your back pocket to help you create a solid foundation for your business. You’ll receive:

  • personal 1:1 business mentoring to help you build a super fan client base!

  • solid systems and strategies to make running your business as streamlined as possible.

  • copywriting lessons to get you writing with confidence!

  • a business branding package to make sure your marketing materials match your real-life awesomeness!

  • a website that you can't wait to show people (and that's easy to update!)

  • and a few more surprises! :)


JYBB is for you if...

  • You’re driven by purpose and are on a mission to fulfill the your true calling.
  • You’re itching to launch your heart-centered business in a way that specifically fits your passion, talents and gifts.
  • You’ve got a lot to balance on your schedule and the idea of getting targeted support to build your new business efficiently and effectively sounds like a relief.

Build Your Business Smart
(& With Heart!)

In Jumpstart Your Brave Business, you’ll receive holistic support to get your business or private practice off the ground. We'll walk you through the targeted systems and strategies for efficient business building, and (more importantly) we'll back you up spiritually and emotionally when the inevitable blocks start popping up!

These are the key areas we’ll focus on in our work together:


Jennifer (the business coach) will draw out your dreams and guide you through the critical process of identifying exactly who you serve and how you serve them. No cookie-cutter solutions here! Just laser-focused guidance to the perfect business plan for you.


We’ll take into consideration your personality, gifts, talents and skills so that you attract prosperity in a way that comes easy to you. This is one of the secrets to jumpstarting a brave business that is both enjoyable and profitable.



You’ll collaborate with Nicole (the brand healer and designer) to create a website that’s a perfect fit for you and the people you serve. It’s important for you as a heart-centered leader to be seen and we’ll get you there with a big serving of intuitive branding magic!


We’ll go over your signature services / offers and create a comprehensive plan to help you build your following and client base.


Ease & Flow

Systems ensure longevity and prosperity in your business. You’ll learn how to implement solid systems in your business to keep things running smoothly.


You and your whole cohort will have on-going support throughout the year to ensure you stay excited and on track in your Brave New Business!


Courageous Growth

You will be coached, guided and supported throughout this transformational journey. We’ll be right beside you through niche clarity, core offers, web copy and design and so much more.


What You Get

No more feeling clueless, re-inventing the wheel or throwing things at the wall to see what sticks. With our signature package, we'll give you everything you need to launch your brave business!

1. Business Breakthrough Visioning Session

We begin by setting a big bold intention for exactly what you want in your business.

2. Private All-Day Virtual VIP Experience

During this VIP Coaching Day, we'll set you up with the following:

Focus Your Niche

Who is your ideal client? How do you serve them? We’ll uncover your unique brand position.

Create Your Plan

We’ll create a comprehensive business plan that seamlessly incorporates your gifts and aligns with your highest desires.


Attract Clients That Can't Get Enough of You

You’ll learn how to create offers and materials that speak straight to the heart of potential clients. You’ll learn how to attract people who are serious about their personal growth and transformation and who happily invest in their own development through your programs and offers.

Design Your Signature Offerings

We’ll assess what you’re best at delivering and design core programs, products and services that are unique to you: Signature offerings that you can happily deliver over and over again. There’s an order and a formula to packaging, pricing and profiting from your offerings. (This step alone is worth the investment of JYBB.)


Charge What You're Worth

We know the feeling of “not enough” is what keeps the well-meaning do-gooders of the world, like you, from having the results they desire and that’s not right! You deserve to do your work in the world and get paid well while you’re at it.

By breaking down this barrier we’ll help you earn more, keep more of the money you earn (no more sabotaging spending), and help you finally feel confident to charge what you’re worth, tell the world about your business and feel great while you’re doing it.


3. Lifetime access to Nicole's copywriting course, "Write Brave"

What do you stand for? What's the heart-felt mission statement that rallies your tribe? What is it about your personality – your essence – that helps your message connect with the right people?

You don't have to wonder about whether your website says all the right things. This course to teach you how to write your site in a way that allows you to stick to your principles and be really seen by your ideal clients.

4. Professional Copy-editing Services:

Another pair of eyes on your content never hurts! As part of our all-inclusive support, we'll review your website content to help you really make it shine!

5. A Beautifully Branded Squarespace Website

You want a beautiful website that reflects the quality and power of your work – an online presence that not only looks good, but feels good. Working together, we'll create a website that comes as close as (non-humanly) possible to matching your warmth and your spirit. This allows you to enter the market with confidence that will get you noticed and respected from Day 1! Your branding and web design services include:

  • An in-depth brand personality assessment to hone your message and develop a powerful visual theme for your brand.
  • A bespoke logo (and variations).
  • Custom selection of fonts, colors, textures, and photos to build out the rest of your visual brand.
  • A mobile-responsive Squarespace website.

6. Technical Trainings and Post-Launch Support

After launching your site, we'll give you a personalized live training that includes lessons like:

  • How to maintain your new site on your own. (With Squarespace, it's so easy!)
  • How to set up and use a mailing list.
  • How to keep your brand consistent throughout your marketing materials and on social media. (When your brand is consistent, you avoid customer confusion).

7. On-Going Support & Community

Throughout the process you will receive follow-up calls, powerful coaching calls and get exclusive access to our monthly group Q&A calls. This means you’re never left to “figure things out on your own” and can always reach out for support and guidance.

Apply Today (8 Spots Available)

In total, 8 individuals will be chosen for the first Jumpstart cohort. We’re capping enrollment so we can give you personalized attention and a customized experience.

To be considered for the Jumpstart, complete an application showing your sincere interest in getting your business off the ground this year. After you've submitted an application, we'll review it then send you a calendar to schedule an “Is this a good fit?” call with one of us.

If you feel yourself getting excited as your read on, we urge you to complete the application and turn it in right away. Completing the application does not commit you to the program. It’s just a sincere expression that you would like to be considered for mentorship. You will only be offered a spot in the program if it’s a perfect match with your vision and financial capacity, which means you’re safe to explore this exciting opportunity without risk, fear or hesitation.


Who's on your JYBB team?


Jennifer Covington is JYBB's bombshell business coach. She's had the pleasure of working with some of the most dynamic entrepreneurial women in the industry right now, such as Lisa Nichols from the movie “The Secret”, Online Marketing Guru Marie Forleo and Supermodel & Business Mogul Tyra Banks.

Jennifer’s supported and worked with Fortune 500 giants such as Anheuser-Busch and 20th Century Fox and she spent 3 years in Ecuador teaching small business development to poverty stricken single mothers and orphaned youth as a means of livelihood and sustainability.

From these experiences, she has learned what it takes (no matter who you are) to create, build and run a business from the ground up. Her genius lies in her ability to help you, turn your passion into profit so you can make the positive impact you were made to make in the world.


Nicole Bonsol is a copywriter, graphic designer, and educator, but you might also call her:

  • a brand healer,
  • a website whisperer,
  • or a blog birther.

(She loves bringing things into being.)

She’d love to help you create a website that instantly communicates your essence and welcomes new clients into your practice. She'll guide you through the (sometimes challenging, but always cathartic) process of creating your brand, so that you can’t wait to share your work with the world!


What if this was the year?

Could this be the year that changes everything? We'd love to explore the possibility with you. Send in an application, chat with us voice-to-voice, then let your gut decide if we're your team.