Day 1: Setting the Foundation:

We begin by demystifying your About Page and get clear on its purpose so you are fully prepared for the rest of the course. You’ll learn why having a generic About Page is such a missed opportunity, how you already hold the key to putting magic About Page, and you’ll begin to brainstorm the perfect About Page experience for your reader.

Day 2: Which About Page style is right for you?

In this lesson, I’ll give a detailed template that takes the mystery (and pain) out of writing your About Page. Then I’ll show you 3 different About Page styles, help you pick which one best fits your brand, then walk you through infusing more of YOU into your writing (so that your ideal clients can't wait to connect!)

Day 3: Go deeper...

In this lesson, we uncover some demons that keep you from writing your best website content, (and therefore keep you from building a soul-shifting brand). Armed with this knowledge, you’ll go back to the content you wrote in Day 2 to add depth.

Day 4: Time to make it shine

In this lesson, we’ll review the common mistakes that healers make when writing their website copy, and I’ll guide you through how to polish up your first draft and get it ready to publish.

Day 5: Make it Look good

Writing for your About Page (or any page on your website, really) is not the same as writing an email, a paper, or anything that you learned in school. I’ll teach you how to style your writing for maximum readability online. Give your words the visual weight they deserve.