Your business needs some "Me Time", too!

I almost didn't write a post about this because it was so simple. (And on my more fearful days, simple = stupid).

But you know what? I've personally put off too many important things (and heard too many other business owners lament about their time) that I couldn't let this simple thing slide today. So, here goes...

Your business needs some "Me Time", too!

Just like you need some "Me Time" to be the best parent/healer/human being you can be, your business needs some quiet time to recharge, too.

You need a non-client day to do some deeper market research.

You need a non-client day to finally start learning how to use Google Analytics to track how well your site is doing at getting people to connect with you about your services.

You need a non-client day to reflect on and update your offerings. Maybe you started out offering X, Y, and Z service, but recently people have been wanting a W service that you don't offer yet!

You need some down time to update your website. Get some fresh photos, hone your message, maybe take a deep dive into finally telling your true story.

But the problem is...

You need time for all these things but you can't find the time between preparing for client sessions, having client sessions, taking care of marketing, doing the laundry, tracking your income/expenses, making dinner, sleeping, etc.

How will I find the time to get my "I'll-get-to-that-later" list done? Well, for me it was as simple as hearing this from my coach:

"It's not going to happen if you don't make it happen."

I was talking to her about all these plans I had for getting on top of my taxes and maybe doing a rebrand of my site, but I was feeling woeful because I had no time to get it done between clients.

"Why don't you just schedule it?" she asked.

What? It can't be that easy.

"Yeah, take out your calendar. We're doing this right now."

So I took out my calendar, and she had me commit to two weeks of "Business Me Time". She told me it was OK not to schedule clients during this time. She reminded me that:

The health of my business depended on more than just my direct service.

I was freaked that by saying no to clients for two whole weeks I wouldn't make enough money to pay rent or feed myself that month. A TOTALLY valid fear.

But you know what? Once I saw it in front of me on my calendar, I committed to those two essential weeks and I started saving and scrimping to make sure I could protect that time.

Because it was in my calendar, it was official. It was real. To make it even more official, I used some pretty washi tape to block it out in my calendar instead of pencil. See?

Washi tape. So much more official than pencil.

Washi tape. So much more official than pencil.

Like I said, I almost didn't write a post about this because it was so simple. But sometimes we need to be reminded to go back to the basics to get things done.

Schedule some "Me Time" for your business. Take the simple step of putting it in your calendar--in PEN, mind you...not pencil! ;)

Whether it's one day, one week, or (WHOA!) one month: find a time that feels good to you and make it happen.

Once it's there in black and white (or in my case: rainbow-colored tape), I believe you will do what it takes to make it work.

Share with me in the comments below so I can cheer you on!

  • What have you been putting off to improve your business that you know you need to get done?
  • And when did you block out time for it in your calendar?! 

Can't wait to hear from you!

Love (and all that good stuff),