Does your community help you stand tall, or is it crippling you?

Confession: I am a bad sitter.

If I’m not careful, I can spend a whole work day with my spine slouched, shoulders hunched, neck forward like a vulture while I write and design feverishly in front of my computer. My bad posture is a chronic problem and (according to many white-knuckled deep-tissue massage therapists) is probably a significant reason why I experience so much neck and upper back pain.

The funny thing is, I used to have really healthy posture as a kid. In fact, I remember the exact moment it all fell apart...

Tracy, Briony and I were having recess under the trees by the rugby field. We were 11 years old, enjoying the homemade lunches our mums, aunties, and nannies had packed for us. I was sitting on a short stone wall next to Tracy, munching on my spam and rice. She looked up at me from her marmite and margarine sandwich and said, “You sit too straight”.

“Yeah,” Briony chimed in. “You’re such a goody-goody."

And with that, the damage was done.

I remember the wind being knocked out of my chest at being called a name. I remember my cheeks flushing and my tear ducts tickling with surprise and shame. I slipped a cool slouch into my goody two-shoes spine so I could blend in with my friends. 

Almost 20 years later I still empathize with Pre-Adolescent Me, but boy do my tweaky neck and tender shoulders wish I’d hung around a more supportive crowd when I was younger. When I look back on that moment as an adult, I'm reminded about how powerful our immediate community is in shaping our own health and success.

Too many times we feel like we must blend in and strive for sameness within our communities in order to keep receiving positive attention and respect.

Whether you have one too many Tracies in your life, or your life is full of supportive folks and you still want to meet more, I invite you to build community with a diverse and supportive group of Write Brave healers at an upcoming free writing workshop!

Last month, I held my first free workshop and an amazing group of attendees showed up ready to write (and rewrite!) the stories behind their businesses. They were so generous with their feedback for each other, and their writing was full of personality and full of spirit. I walked away from that first workshop thinking, “YES: I love this work. These are my people. People who help each other stand tall, who don’t cut each other down.”

Here’s what my attendees had to say about their first workshop experience:

"I couldn't believe what your prompts and the feedback from you all helped me achieve!"
“It was amazing to watch [her] take the suggestions and turn them into masterpieces. Great things happen when people come together, period."

For me, the workshop was downright magical, and I can't wait for the next one! Here are the details:

  • What: A free online writing workshop for healers in business
  • When: Thursday, July 31st at 3:00pm Pacific Time.
  • Where: Online, on Google Hangout
  • Topic: I’ll be polling registrants about their current writing blocks, and craft the workshop to meet the group’s specific needs. 
  • Limited Registration: Each workshop is open to only 6 participants to ensure that each person gets enough time and attention

Join me for 90 minutes of brave declaration, validation, and writing alchemy.

Register here