What to do when writing your sales page is killing your soul

I truly believe that creating your sales page (or any web/marketing copy, really) should feel just as good as the rest of your work as a healer.

Under no circumstances should it feel like it's sucking the life out of you!

As a healer and a giver, you need every ounce of your spirit intact to help others who are hurting.


Why writing your Sales Page feels like death

As small-business owners, of course one of our biggest priorities is to make money. Unlike our comrades who get their paychecks at agencies, clinics, or spas, we depend on solely on ourselves to generate enough income to eat, pay rent, and take care of our families. (And that's a lot of pressure.)

Unfortunately, when you're focused on making a sale you find yourself asking your client to help you instead of you helping them. You feel greedy instead of generous, demanding instead of helpful, and in need instead of in service.

Well, it's no wonder you hate your Sales Page so much! Writing it goes directly against who you are as a helper, a healer and a giver.


How to make it feel good

What if writing your Sales Page felt as good as coaching someone through a crisis, relieving someone's shoulder pain, or clearing a client's unhealthy thoughts/energy?

 Well, with a shift in mindset, maybe it can at least come close. :)


Instead of focusing on getting clients to buy, start with your "why"

If writing about your clients' "pain points" and your offerings' "benefits" feels uncomfortable and claustrophobic, try taking a step back. Write about your greater purpose, your message, and your mission instead.

You didn't go into business as a healer to make money, you went into business to make a difference. Why did you choose to be a healer? How did wanting to change the world inspire you to create your offering?

Here are some prompts to get you started:

  • I believe that __________ can change the world. That's why I created __________.

  • It crushes me when __________. It's my mission to rid the world of that kind of suffering. That's why I created __________.

  • I light up when __________. I want more of that in the world and that's why I created __________.

  • If I had a magic wand and could change anything about the world, I'd change __________. While I'll never give up searching for that magic wand, in the mean time I'm doing what I can to make a difference. I poured my heart and soul into creating __________.

  • We all have hard days. And on the days that I'm too afraid/too tired/too stressed to keep going, I go back to this thought: __________. I believe so strongly in the power of this message, that I based my practice on it and created __________ to serve you.


Start with those prompts, and see where it takes you. (And please share your writings below! I would LOVE to find out what goodness you are putting into the world with your services).

Don't write to sell. Write to serve.

As a healer, your greatest work flows out of your compassion and generosity.

If you liked this post, I urge you to strike while the iron is hot:

  1. Start (or revisit) your Sales Page today. Use the prompts above to get you started.
  2. Share a link to your non-soul-killing Sales Page below. (Inspire others and celebrate the fact that it's live and you love it!)
  3. Help your friends and colleagues: share this post with someone whose Sales Page is suffocating them.

Love (and all that good stuff),

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