How to make people light up just by introducing yourself

Besides being a writer & designer here at Write Brave, I'm also a singer/songwriter. There's a great technique I learned from my Artist Development coach on how to introduce myself to potential new fans.

I haven't seen many (any?) people in the helping/healing fields use it yet, but if I ever met someone who introduced themselves to me like this I know I'd remember them indefinitely!


What's the trick?

Young or new artists are often coached to compare their sound to other established artists who've come before them.

To help folks connect with their sound before they've even played a note, musicians introduce themselves as "a modern version of The Jackson 5", or "Ozzie Osbourne sings country music."

People connect with statements like that right away because it's a name they recognize, something already stashed away in their memory, and likely something they have feelings attached to.

How could this apply to you as a healer?

What if you asked someone what they did for a living and they said something like:

"I like to joke with people that I’m the Oprah of massage therapy because my goal is to transform women's lives, and every year I do a big crazy giveaway to celebrate my loyal clients!"


"I’m like the Alanis Morissette of the counseling world: I listen to people's "jagged little pills" and help them make something beautiful."

Maybe I'm a weirdo, but I think I'd probably fall in love with them. (Especially the Alanis Morissette person!)

At the very least, I'd DEFINITELY remember them way after the night was over. I'd probably talk about them to my friends, too.


Try it out!

  1. Write down a mission statement, your life's purpose, or something you're really passionate about.

    E.g. "I'm passionate about kindess."
  2. Brainstorm a list of celebrities, fictional characters, thought leaders, and heroes that you think share the same mission. No right or wrong answer for now, just get the ideas out.

    E.g. Cinderella, Mister Rogers, the Dalai Lama, etc.
  3. Take your list and circle the one(s) that you admire most, the one(s) you would be excited to align with.
  4. Write it out!

    E.g. “I like to joke with people that I’m like the Mister Rogers of holistic healing. I believe people's natural state is "kindness", so I help my clients get de-stress and get healthy so that they can return to their natural state and treat everyone like their neighbor!"

Afraid of sounding pompous?

I anticipate that you might feel a little ridiculous comparing yourself to Oprah to someone you've never met. To that I say,

"It's not what you say, but how you say it."

I'm pretty sure if you delivered this stunner as your usual warm and a dash of "I don't take myself too seriously", you'll make an instant connection. ;)


Share your fun intro below!

(Bonus points if you actually try it out at a party and share your story below, too!)

If you’re stuck for words, you can use one of these templates:

  • “I like to tell people that I’m like the [insert hero’s name] of [insert your field]. Like [hero’s name] I want to live in a world where [insert your your mission/purpose/passion].”
  • “I sometimes tell people that I’m like the [insert hero’s name] of [insert your field] because I'm passionate about [insert your mission/purpose/passion] and helping people get there through [your field]."


Want to find out more about making an instant connection?

I'm facilitating a free Google Hangout workshop on personal introductions/website tag lines on Thursday, September 25th (3:30pm Pacific Time).

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