Who Are the Best Coaches for Healers?

Here's one thing I know for sure: Hiring the right coach can transform your life and business by helping you:

  • set goals you're excited about,
  • come up with a streamlined strategy to achieve those goals, and
  • hold you accountable to implementing that strategy (especially on the days you're ready to throw yourself back into the regular 9-5 world).

It can be an intimidating investment for sure: Most seasoned coaches ask their clients to commit to working with them for at least 3 months to a year for the best results

Here are 4 coaches that I trust. I've worked closely with each of them and can personally attest to:

  1. their strength- and abundance-based mindsets. They all operate on the assumption that there's enough work out there for everyone, and continue to create financially and spiritually exciting opportunities for their clients through their generosity and positive leadership
  2. their "real deal-ness". Each of these coaches have years of experience surviving and thriving as independent business owners. They know what works, and they're generous with resources and paradigm-shifting advice. I've literally had moments working with each of them where I've been moved to pause, (virtually) take them by the shoulders, and say, "You brilliant woman, you".
  3. their massive hearts. They are all passionate about what they stand for, lead by example, and serve their clients with integrity.

Who makes my Top Coaches for Healer's list? Without further ado... 

Kelly + Miranda of ZynnyMe

Why I love them:

If you’re a therapist looking to make big gains with your private practice, look no further than Kelly and Miranda of ZynnyMe. These ladies are private practice GENIUSES. The amount they know about the business of therapy is incredible, but don’t let that intimidate you: They’re some of the warmest and most generous women you’ll ever encounter.

I’ve worked alongside some of their one-on-one clients, and from what I can see their coaching is top notch and incredibly effective! One of our mutual clients achieved one of her all-time dreams this year: she’s currently in France leading a women’s retreat! Another mutual client was recently a featured therapist on the VH-1 Television Network. I even referred my best friend to the ZynnyMe Business School Bootcamp, and this year I’ve watched her go from chasing down sliding scale clients to filling her practice with full fee, non-insurance clients at $175 and $200/hour.

Get to Know Them:

Kelly + Miranda create tons of free, actionable, and entertaining content on their blog.

For starters, check out one of their most shared articles on becoming a great networker, or a more recent one on how to track which of your marketing methods are working and which are not.

Their practice building interviews with real therapists are my favorite way to get to know them because you get to experience their raw energy on video. Check out this interview that Kelly did with Sacramento, CA therapist, Kami Storck.

I'd highly recommend getting on their mailing list to find out about their free live trainings. They have at least one a month. 


Chandra Scott

Why I Love Her:

I raved about my coach Chandra in last month’s blog post. If you missed it, read about her gifts here.

Get to Know Her (slash: Giveaway alert!)

Right now, Chandra is celebrating her third year in business with a very generous giveaway. Besides the Grand Prizes, she's also offering up free coaching to the first 10 folks that sign up for it. I'm also helping her celebrate by contributing a special copywriting prize of my own. Get the details HERE.


Keri Nola

Why I Love Her:

Keri's had her own thriving psychotherapy private practice for many years, and has lots of proven advice to offer to other healers, but I what I love most about her is her courage.

Keri recently "came out" to her community, sharing a side of her spirituality that had always been important to her, but she'd always played down. Standing up to show the world who you really are is not only brave, but healing for other's around you. If you're looking to awaken a part of your healing persona that you've kept hidden, stop by Keri's world.

Get to Know Her: 

Join Keri's list over on her website for weekly tips on building your ideal practice with soul.  Keri and I will also be hosting a free live training on branding some time in November. Hop on to either of our lists to be notified.


Jennifer Covington

Why I Love Her:

What I love most about Jennifer is that she walks her talk: Everything she gives to her clients is what she also asks of herself. Jennifer and I are part of the same mastermind in Oakland, and sharing that space with her has made me develop incredible respect for her work. She knows the ups and downs of entrepreneurial life intimately, and has persevered through some really tight times. You know that when she says, "Stick to it. You can do it. It gets better..." it's not coming from some hollow place of vapid positivity, but from a seasoned pro who has fought for her dreams and made it to the other side.

Get to Know Her:

Jennifer offers free strategy sessions for new clients. I highly recommend signing up for one to see if you feel that spark. (You can schedule one here.)

We're also working on the ultimate "launch your coaching practice" package that includes focused coaching and brand/website development for new coaching grads. Stay tuned!


Who do YOU love? 

Kelly, Miranda, Chandra, Keri and Jennifer are my favorite coaches to recommend to healers. Who are yours? Recommend them in the comments below!