Get free coaching from my goddess of a business coach, Chandra Scott

After almost two years as an independent business owner, I know this for a fact:

Hiring a good coach will catapult your business forward, beyond what you can imagine for yourself.

When I first started out on this entrepreneurial path, I was SO. SCARED. I was constantly anxious about “having enough”. Always afraid that the floor of financial security would drop out from under me at any time. I avoided putting out newsletters or doing marketing outreach because I was afraid of being rejected – or worse, ignored.

I know for sure that if I had tried to do this without my coach, Chandra Scott, I would not have come this far on my own. I still have bouts of fear and doubt today, of course, but I’ve also been blessed with so many wins this year. Without Chandra, I would have set much more conservative goals for myself. When we’re planning she always encourages me to believe in myself and set my expectations a little higher. I’m proud of myself for achieving many of those goals, and so GRATEFUL that Chandra’s been there to help me get out of my own way.

I've invested about $10K in working with Chandra so far. It was a big investment and commitment, and part of me was scared that I wouldn’t make enough money to recoup the cost. But now, I’m 8 months into the year and I’ve surprised myself by hitting my income goals with Chandra's love and support!

Today, I’m able to give gifts, donations, and Kickstarter contributions to the people and causes I really care about. When going out with friends, I don’t worry about splitting the check anymore. I have a savings account again.

(Note to Chandra, if you're reading this: I know you said I would, but I didn’t 100% believe it at the time. Now I’m a TRUE believer!)

But right now, you have the chance to work with Chandra for FREE. She's hosting 4 live workshops, and 2 live office hours to help people "Build a Better Plan" for their businesses. This is the same strategy that she uses to help ME set goals and plan for the year.

Here's what she has to say:

"Don’t run your business like a borrowed outfit.
A passion-based business that meets your financial goals and ideal lifestyle is like owning a knock-em-dead outfit. 
Stunning from top to bottom. Each layer is tailored, from undergarments to accessories, and meets you exactly where you are, to minimize and accentuate all the right places.
You can’t achieve this if you borrow someone else’s wardrobe. What made them look svelte makes you look like a giant Oompa Loompa.
You're different people. Different bra size, body type, skin tone and height.
Now be honest... Are your business strategies tailored or borrowed? #nojudgment
Because your company can and should help you live the life you want. 
However, first you must build a tailored plan that meets you where you are, to accentuate and minimize all the right areas."

My goddess of a business coach, Chandra Scott, can show you how (at zero cost) during her 4 Part Workshop Series, called Build A Better Plan.

Build A Better Plan features 4 Live Workshops and workbooks worth more than $10k.

And you get to watch all four sessions for zero dollars if you watch live or catch the replay during the first 48 hours. 

After 48 hours, you'll have to pay for the recordings and workbooks. 

See the schedule below. She'll answer questions in the private FB group and during Office Hours. You don't want to pass on those. Trust me, she's a genius. 

I have other affiliate links on this site, but this ISN'T one of them.

I get nothing except the satisfaction of giving back to the woman who's helped me invaluably this year.

I'd love for you to join her...