A divining rod for finding your essence

It’s rare that I can look back at my life and pick out those singular moments that “changed everything”. Usually, change happens for me in tiny morsels, day by day, without me even noticing.

Last year, though, one significant memory stands out as an event that cut through the fog and helped me finally understand what I was doing with my business.

It all started with a simple question…

I was emailing back and forth with my design mentor, Jenna Soard. She’d suggested that we partner up to do a joint training and was helping me brainstorm topics.

I shot over a few training ideas, thinking to myself, “These are a PERFECT complement to Jenna’s work. Jenna’s gonna love these ideas!” But, to my surprise, she wrote back confused and less than enthusiastic.

The ideas I sent over didn’t sound anything like me, she said. At first I was crushed. Then, she asked me a question that was like a divining rod to finding my essence.

“What do you want to be known for?”

Of course! Why didn't I see it before? I didn't want to be known for "10 SEO tricks for non-techies", or "7 mistakes you're probably making with your copy (and how to fix them)". Nope. Not really.

I want to be known for helping people to push through imperfection to finally create and take action. I want to be known as someone who stubbornly sticks to love, even though fear is a popular way to get clicks. I want to be known as someone who is shamelessly herself.

Keeping this question close to me has helped me find alignment throughout my life and business. It's felt like a revelation for my brand.

It's empowered me to promote myself and my work with the same values that I bring to my individual client sessions.

It's made it easy to brainstorm and plan out an entire year’s worth of content. (Writing it will be a different story, though. Pray for me. ;)

I think it’s helped me more deeply empathize with my prospective clients, and inspire them to send me notes saying, “I don’t usually sign up for things like this, but I really resonated with what you were saying.”

It’s helped me to finally become confident enough to both pitch myself for interviews, and say yes to interview invitations.

It’s helped me make my first online course one that I’m proud to stand behind and unafraid to market.

What might answering this question make possible for you?

I ask this question of all of my individual design and copywriting clients, and it never fails to elicit stirring responses, like:

I want to change the world though relationships – I believe in gratitude and grace.  I feel if we could all give a little bit more of it in our relationships we would all be in a better place. 


I want to change the world first by developing/practicing peace & compassion with myself and my immediate relationships.  Then I want to help others access this peace and possibility. One person, one relationship, one breath at a time. 


I want to be known for being a caring, brave, spontaneous, fun, and witty human being who never stopped trying. I want my legacy to be about who I was and who I tried to be and how I made life better for others and less about the material achievements. I want to be known as somebody who truly experienced life and was able to appreciate the magic of being alive.

Imagine how each of these healers must feel when aligned with these powerful statements. These declarations are buzzing with life, blood, love, verve...


What do you want to be known for?

Share your own declaration below. I can't wait to see you (like, really see you) in the comments.

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