A letter to the Worrier inside all of us

Dear one,

I urge you to stop stalling.

You know what you want to be known for, the specific ways you want to make a difference. The new thing you want to start makes your heart hum, your brain buzz, and your hands jazz. But still you resist it.

You're worried about Them, right?

You're worried that They will call you selfish and ungrateful behind your back because you dare to ask for more. More inspiration from work. The privilege to be more aligned with your purpose.

You're worried that making yourself more visible will make you an easy target for Their criticism.

You're worried that you might fail spectacularly at this new thing and They will cringe and gossip about how they're embarrassed for you.

I know it's hard, but FORGET Them. You have the privilege to follow your heart? Don't waste it.

If it helps, think instead about what's at stake if you let Them control you.

Your fear is holding you hostage. But, as a healer, your fear is also holding hostage all the other lives you could touch.

I'd love to share a story about an inspiring friend. Krista is a therapist here in the San Francisco Bay Area, one of the most expensive places in the country to live. She was fully-booked (over-booked, even!) with sliding scale clients, but still struggling to make her income goals. She wanted to be known for empowering plus-sized women but had no time to write her book, or create new programs for her clients. She knew that ending her sliding scale fees would mean that she could see fewer clients, and have more time. But she was terrified of raising her rates, even though she had clients lined up around the figurative block.

After worrying about it for a loooong time, Krista boldly made a move to raise her rates. The transition wasn't without its rough patches. Sometimes people balked at the price and it felt like they were saying that her fees / services were a scam.

A year later she's making enough to take care of herself, is still an amazing support for her individual clients, and NOW has the space to become a leader in the Body Positive revolution. It wasn't easy, and I think she fought Them the whole time. But she did it.

As I write this, she's churning out incredible content for her signature course. She's a woman on fire! People are calling her asking when her groups will be ready because they have people they can't wait to refer.

What if Krista never made that leap and dared to ask for more? I can't yet measure the impact she'll have with this program once it's released, but her potential is undeniably exciting!

How many lives could you change with your passion?

When we stand up to our fears, we create ripples of change that we can't necessarily measure.

When I left my job at the non-profit I'd been working at for 7 years, my excitement about what lay ahead was tempered by this niggling guilt that I'd just done something very selfish. But then I got a surprise email from one of my co-workers.

"When you decided to leave, it really did motivate me to think about what's important in life and what really matters. And of course work matters, and our clients matter, and all of that. But life goes by so quickly! I have been here for 5.5 years and I am turning 42 this year and it all just hit me: how did this happen??!! My kiddo is almost 15! In my mind, she's still a toddler. She'll start high school in August and she'll be busy, and then then she'll be off to college. Anyway, I think you get the point.
"I didn't really want to quit, but I did want to take some time off, so I talked to HR and my supe, and managed to get personal time off for 2 entire months. It's a good time as I've got a lot of really stable clients. And with all the other changes going on, it seemed as good a time as any.
Thank you for your indirect inspiration!"

What a gift this message was to me: My bold choice led to a mother choosing to spend one irreplaceable summer with her daughter.

Your bold moves might lead to dollars or notoriety – or they might not – but you will change lives in immeasurable ways.

Are you feeling a little less anxious about Them yet? Will you start that next big thing today?

Comment below with a "Yes!" and I'll send you a positive thought or a prayer across the airwaves to give you even more power for that first step. And if you have an extra second, send a positive thought to someone else who commented. Positivity chain! ;)

Love (and all that good stuff),

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