Brave Healer Interview: Sarah Love of!

Hi there, Brave Healer!

One of the best parts of my work is that I get to hear so many people's rousing "How I got here" stories. Today, on the blog, I'm spotlighting one of those stories from our community: Sarah Love McCoy of

I want to share more of your guys' stories with each other because hearing other people's stories – what they've struggled with, what they've overcome – is part of what helps me stay hopeful as I toddle down this path of owning my own business.

During the interview, you'll hear:

  • Why Sarah's mission is to heal through "outrageous optimism".
  • The resources and practices she uses regularly to keep moving through fear and doubt.
  • How one of her daily practice eventually became one of her signature products and what she’s known for.
  • Why our mornings are a magic time of day, and a simple self-love practice to make the most of that magic. (And you'll hear me have an epiphany about my own unhealthy morning habits. Eep!)

Watch the video below!


Or, listen to just the audio here: