You are a universe (a poem)

Sometimes I wish we could do away with elevator pitches. With trying to fit our life’s work into a nutshell.

It’s a struggle to figure out what parts of your complex self to highlight in your business. Everyone’s got a different opinion about what works and what doesn’t. All the “shoulds” and “what ifs” bouncing around your brain make it really hard to get clear.

You might start to resent the fact that you’re a complex human being with multiple interests, skills, and passions. If you find yourself frustrated and wishing you were someone else (someone who is “easier to market” or “easier to get”), then today’s Brand Healing affirmation is for you.

I wrote these few lines during a healer's retreat with Keri Nola and Lloyd Burnett last October. I was feeling particularly frustrated with myself, wishing that I was simple and constant and easier to deal with.

I wrote this poem to remind me that as human beings we are beautifully complicated and full of contradictions. To remind me to love my shadow, and my light, and all the crazy colors and textures in between. To remind me to have faith – that even if I don't have a clear answer about who I am right now, that the answer is already inside me waiting for me to understand it.

Click the image to download.

Click the image to download.

Poem text:

You are a universe
unknowable in your vastness, but beautiful
in the multitudes you contain.
From the light-swallowing darkness
to the brightest burning sun,
you deserve awe.
You are a wonder.

If you're struggling with loving yourself today, I hope that this affirmation is kind to you.

If you know someone who might be frustrated with their beautiful complex self, please share this with them if you think it might help. :)

To spreading (self)love,

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