Whatever you're waiting for: Stop waiting.

By nature, I’m not the kind to “beg for forgiveness, rather than ask for permission”.

I was raised to believe that breaking the rules would result in death and dismemberment – if not literally, then at least in a soul sense.

So when the time finally came to rebel, it wasn’t easy.

When I first felt the call to leave my 9-5 to follow my creative heart, I ignored it for years.

And when I finally allowed myself to leave, it took me a while to shake that guilty feeling that often comes to sensitive folks with privilege.

When I first tried writing like myself, instead of like my idols, everything felt prickly and scary.

How did I get through it?

Well, I didn’t get through it alone.

I got through it with late night texts to my best friend, about my inexplicable anxiety that everyone regretted working with me because I was doing it wrong.

I got through it with bi-weekly meetings with my coach to work through my fear of being poor and in debt because I left conventional life behind.

I’m not a rebel by nature, but I’m glad that others stirred the rebel in me and encouraged me to do my thing.

I found my voice and my purpose with their support. And today I want to pay it forward.

Whatever you're waiting for: Stop waiting.

Are you waiting ’til you have business cards to go to that conference?
Stop waiting: You’ll make more of an impact TODAY with your empathy and a smile than with a letter-pressed logo.

Are you waiting until you have more time to start that big soul project you’re slightly afraid of?
Stop waiting: Time is scarce, especially when fear is involved. Make time.

Are you waiting for a good time to say goodbye to a difficult relationship?
Stop waiting: There’s never a good time to break someone’s heart.

Are you waiting for permission?
Stop waiting: You are a Universe. Universes don’t need permission to create beautiful things.

What have you been waiting for? If you'd like to, please share your comment below so we can give you some love.

Love (and all that good stuff),


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