I think you're gonna LOVE this...

It's definitely Spring here in Oakland, but today I'm giddy like it's Christmas again. Why?

Because of the 2nd annual Coaches’ Toolkit Giveaway!

It's like the happiest pile of digital treats: Courses, done-for-you materials, stock photography and other delights that can help you heal your brand and your business.

I contributed to the giveaway last year, and had so much fun that I'm doing it again! Every item in this bundle is free (!!), and there are so many new things that I can't wait to download myself. Resources like:

  • 10 Stunning Stock Images from the Haute Chocolate Styled Stock Library ($150 value)
  • Your Biz YOUR WAY from Helene Scott ($117 value)
  • Money Freedom Talks from Shalya Boyd-Gill ($100 value)
  • Continuity Rocks Master Class from Jenn Scalia ($100 value)
  • 10 Tips for a Successful Social Media Strategy from Julie Lowe ($100 value)
  • Menu Planning Done-for-You Coaching Session from Kathleen LeGrys ($100 value)

The Giveaway ends March 27th. And the sooner you sign up, the more time you’ll have to savor each gift. What are you waiting for?

I’ll race you to the Giveaway website!

Until next week,

P.S. Like skipping to the end? Here’s the scoop! The 2nd Annual Coaches’ Toolkit Giveaway is ON and we’re giving away over $2,000 worth of incredible business resources. And by ‘giving away’ I mean they’re yours, FREE… but only until March 27th, so nab ’em while you still can!