Write like no one's watching

Do you write like your English Teacher is going to rip apart every grammatical error with a terrifying red pen?

If that foreboding feeling that everyone’s going to judge your work is giving you Writer’s Block, I have a new mantra for you:

“No one has to see it.”

You want to start your website, update your copy, or write a new blog post, but you’ve been putting it off because you might get it “wrong”? Just write it. Write a version that:

  • disregards conventional grammar,
  • uses new vocabulary,
  • says all the things you're afraid to say...

No one has to see it.


After you write the first uninhibited draft, tuck it away somewhere safe, then step away from it. Come back to it later with fresh eyes to evaluate and edit. Maybe you’ll use it, maybe you won’t, but you’ll never know until you get it out on paper.

If you don’t end up using what you wrote, you might slip into feeling that all that time you spent writing was wasted. Warning! Step away from that ledge. I want to challenge your idea of "productivity" when it comes to writing for your business. You don't need to expect a finished product every time you sit down to write. Not even the greatest writers put that kind of pressure on themselves.

Every time you write, you’re flexing that Brave Writing Muscle. You’re opening up the creative channels, conditioning your Voice, and training your eye to recognize your signature style.

Give it a try today: Write like no one’s watching.

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