Find Your Voice (3 of 3)

Welcome to the final post of the Find Your Voice series! Before we get started, let's review where we've been:

  • In Week 1,  I shared some prompts to help you write about your business in your Voice.
  • In Week 2, you discovered your Top 3 Voice Descriptors.

Today, in Week 3, I share a quick-reference tool that makes it easier to stick to your voice no matter what you're writing! Download the PDF below, then read on for how to use it...


How to Fill In the Tool

  1. Start by filling in your 3 Voice Descriptors from last week's exercise.
  2. In the second row, list out details about your favorite kinds of clients to work with. What are they challenged by, and what do they seek your support for? What are their dreams, desires , and what does working with you make possible?
  3. In the third row, think of your website as a marketing tool. What function is it serving in your business right now? Is your website's main purpose to grow your list, or get people to call you, or to get people to join your Facebook group...?
  4. In the final row, write down your Big Message. What do you want to be known for in your field? If you could impress ONE important thing on your ideal clients, what would it be?

*If you've already taken my free About Page Course, then you'll have a good idea of what to fill out in each of these rows. If you haven't taken the course yet, check it out HERE!

How to Use the Tool

Sometimes when we start a new writing project, doubts and other people's opinions can cloud our once clear vision. When our Voice and vision aren't clear, we think we need to sound like everyone else in order to be taken seriously. Or we scrap our writing because "nobody needs to hear this, no one cares."

Before you sit down to write your next blog post, newsletter, or website page, review this tool to remind yourself of WHO you write for, WHAT you write about, and HOW your Voice sounds.

If you have any questions about the tool, leave a comment below or send me a private message.

I hope this tool helps you stay clear and confident in your Voice. Keep writing brave! :)

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