What's Inside Write Brave?

Hi there!

After last week's newsletter, lots of people were asking for more details on the Write Brave Live program. (Yay!)

I haven't got the final sales page finished just yet, but here's an overview of what's in store...

Clarity on Your Voice & Message:

The program comes with Lifetime Access to the Write Brave copywriting course materials for healers. The course was designed to give you clarity on your business writing Voice, and help you come up with a cohesive message.

My mission is to teach you write in a way that allows you to stick to your heart-centered principles, and still connect with your ideal clients. To write with a big heart (the place you heal from), instead of with a big lump of anxiety sitting in your belly...

To learn more about the course content, you can visit this info page.

Motivation & Accountability:

I know how hard it can be to prioritize spiffing up your website content when 1) you've got a lot on your To Do list, and 2) writing feels baaaad sometimes.

As part of the program, you'll get access to a series of 4 small group writing workshops. If you're highly motivated by social factors like "I've gotta finish this draft so I have something to share with my group on Monday!" then this program could be a great fit!

The focus on Community really helped me get off my duff and write copy, something I had been avoiding!
— Jackie Brookman, MFT

Honest Feedback

Each small group will only have 5 or 6 people in it, so that each participant can get lots of attention and feedback. I run each group like a professional writing workshop, and you'll get feedback on the clarity of your content from me and from your peers.

Community & Confidence-Boosting Connection

Community Building is one of my favorite things about running this course. The course content can't help but allow us to fall in love with each other's values and visions for a better world.

If you've been struggling with how to communicate your worth to your clients, I know without a doubt that the other healers in this program will help you see it.

I had not done any work on this before the course began and now I have a home page that I love! Thanks so much, Nicole! I thought the content was great and the support calls so helpful!
— Elizabeth Cush, LGPC

How Much is the Course?

Write Brave Live is US$347.

(That's $247 for Lifetime Access to the course materials (see more here), and only $100 for the live small group workshops!)

Other Questions?

I'll be opening registration for the course the first week of May, and the first workshop will be May 16th! If you have any other questions about the course in the meantime, please send me a message.