Your site does more than just sell...

Your website is a powerful tool for growing your business. Before I create any website, I ask each of my clients to prioritize the items on the list below. After identifying their main goals, I can help them design a focused site that strategically grows their business. A great site can:

  • Help you establish credibility in your field.
  • Generate sales of your products/services.
  • Grow your email list/newsletter.
  • Grow your social media following.
  • Provide valuable resources to your followers/clients.

Aside from the standard business-building goals, though, I also want each site I design to have the power to do the following two things...

Your website has the power to bust through glass ceilings

Why do I work primarily with women? Because I get totally steamed-up, red-in-the-face angry that:

  1. in a lot of industries, women earn less than men for the same job, and
  2. a lot of women-dominated industries (like teaching or therapy), are undervalued by society.

I believe that women-owned businesses with great websites can help us keep the needle moving towards complete gender equality. (Note: I'm NOT saying that web design is going to solve ALL of our misogyny problems! I am saying that it can have a positive impact, however big or small.)

Think about it: A well-designed and well-written website immediately increases the value of the product / service it's selling. It can also make the owner of said website more confident in their business.

Imagine if every woman-owned business in the country had a high-quality website that simultaneously empowered them to charge what they're worth, and also inspired consumers to pay that fair price...It may seem like an oversimplified solution to a complicated issue, but it makes you wonder doesn't it? At the very least, a high quality website can help you break through your own glass ceilings.

Your website has the power to fight against stigma

Whether you're a therapist or another kind of healer, I'm sure you're familiar with the stigma many people associate with therapy and mental illness.

Alongside advocacy and activism, I believe that individual therapists in private practice have the power to fight stigma – with their websites!

When your website reflects the warm, (com)passionate, big-hearted human being that you are, it gets you clients AND it fights against stigma. It reassures readers that no matter what they're dealing with they're not "crazy".

When your website is well-designed and well-written, it makes therapy approachable because it builds trust with the reader. The more great therapists websites there are out there, the more educated the general public becomes about what therapy can look and feel like. (And the more people know about something, the less they're afraid of it).

Lose the fear, lose the stigma.

How to power up your website when you're on a budget

On Wednesday, May 25th at 5PM Pacific / 8PM Eastern, I'll be teaming up with Maria Saracen to do a webinar on DIY-ing your web design and copy. We'll cover:

  • How to identify the purpose of your website
  • The essential pages of your website
  • A few things you can do with your design and copy to establish the "Know / Like / Trust" factor that gets you clients (and maybe fights gender inequality and stigma in it's own little way, too).

We'll also have a bonus and a brand new bundle offer just for those who attend the live call!

If you'd like to join us, please either sign up for Maria's list through her Free Resources page (, or sign up for my 52 Weeks of Brand Healing list below. We'll only be sending out the link to join to our private communities.

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