A love note (while processing Orlando)

Dear Healer,

I'm grateful for you. Because your work as a –

life-changer / spirit-strengthener / validator / soul-seer / truth-revealer / dream-believer / day-maker / love warrior

– is so important,

and will continue to be important until we humans can figure out this peaceful co-existence thing.

At first, this weekend's events in Orlando made me focus on everything that is wrong with the world.

But you – with your ability to walk beside someone in pain, to accept whoever comes to you without judgment, and to transform someone's life with love – you are what's right with the world.

Keep building your practice. Stay in business. You are the change.

Whatever I can do as a writer, artist, fellow human trying to make a difference in this world, let me know.

If you have anything you've created in response to the shooting in Orlando that you want me to boost (a heartfelt blog post, an instagram post, a musing), please send it to me or link it below. I'm sharing a lot of other people's healing and words on my personal Facebook page.

If you identify as queer or a queer person of color, please please share. I've been reading other LGBTQ / QTPOC writers who say how important it is to have your voice amplified during this time because mainstream media isn't always able to capture the diversity of experiences around this.

However you are, or are not, related to the events in Orlando this weekend, just know that I am thinking of you right now and wishing you well.