A Wonderful Thing (With a Terrible Name)

a "copy audit tool" for healers

Sometimes finding the perfect name for Your Wonderful Thing takes forever. But you don’t have to let that stop you from sharing it.

In my case, I’ve made a resource to help you measure how true-to-you your website is. It’s bright! It’s fun to fill out! It was made with love!…But, I can’t think of any other name for it other than the “Copy Audit Tool”.


Instead of letting this resource languish in my Documents folder, I’m just going to give you This Wonderful Thing With The Terrible Name, so you can actually use it. :)

A few perfunctory points about how the Copy Audit Tool came to be:

  1. I sent out a survey last week.
  2. Lots of people responded to the survey saying they didn’t know where to start when it comes to communicating clearly about what they do and who they are.
  3. Not knowing where to start really sucks!
  4. I created this website audit tool to break it down for you.
  5. It helps you identify the areas that need improvement, so you know exactly where to focus your attention.
  6. It helps you identify the strong areas of your site, so you can celebrate and relax about those parts!
  7. The tool doesn’t help you with the How-To just yet. It’s purpose is to give you a snapshot of how your website is doing right now, and to give you an idea about Next Steps. More resources to come. :)

And now, I give you…The Copy Audit Tool!


(Yeah, so...even an imaginary drum roll can’t fix that sad, sad name.)

ANYWAY, I made three different tools, one for each kind of business owner in our online tribe:

  • a tool for Therapists,
  • a tool for Coaches, and
  • a tool for Healers!

Just click the ironically written button below to get the box set. ;)