narcissists & vampires (...and other things you're NOT)


Rumor has it you’re stalling something.

The blog post that you haven’t published yet because you can’t think of a headline that doesn’t sound too boring or too pushy.

The marketing content you haven’t pulled the trigger on yet because you don’t want to be seen as someone who profits off of people’s pain like some sort of vampire.

The website content you can’t seem to finish because you’re not sure how to write without sounding like a flaming narcissist.

Contrary to what the inner meanie in your head is saying:

You’re not a narcissist.

You’re not a vampire.

You’re not a fear-monger, or pain-profiteer.

You couldn’t be any of those things even if you tried.’re a healer. :) It's not in your make up. And if you can remember that well enough to create and share from a place of connect, then no one will think any of those things about you. 

And on the off chance you DO catch some flack...I’d bet that those people are feeling a bit jealous of your upward trajectory and your free expression. They've got their own work to do...They're not your responsibility.

Your responsibility is to your future clients. The people who would really thrive working with someone like you.

I urge you to drop the negative self-talk right now, and get to work. The real narcissists and vampires and fear mongers are out there right now, trying to suck the soul out of humanity. (I used to say that in a tongue-in-cheek way, but these days…I don’t know. Seems like hyperbole is pretty accurate with what’s going on in the world.)

Your future clients need you to step up, and be discoverable. Be SEEN.

What are you going to do about it?

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