A letter to the Worrier inside all of us

A letter to the Worrier inside all of us

Dear one,

I urge you to stop stalling.

You know what you want to be known for, the specific ways you want to make a difference. The new thing you want to start makes your heart hum, your brain buzz, and your hands jazz. But still you resist it...

A divining rod for finding your essence

A divining rod for finding your essence

It’s rare that I can look back at my life and pick out those singular moments that “changed everything”. Usually, change happens for me in tiny morsels, day by day, without me even noticing.

Last year, though, one significant memory stands out as an event that cut through the fog and helped me finally understand what I was doing with my business.

It all started with a simple question…

Who Are the Best Coaches for Healers?

Who Are the Best Coaches for Healers?

Here's one thing I know for sure: Hiring the right coach can transform your life and business by helping you:

  • set goals you're excited about,
  • come up with a streamlined strategy to achieve those goals, and
  • hold you accountable to implementing that strategy (especially on the days you're ready to throw yourself back into the regular 9-5 world).

Get free coaching from my goddess of a business coach, Chandra Scott

After almost two years as an independent business owner, I know this for a fact:

Hiring a good coach will catapult your business forward, beyond what you can imagine for yourself.

When I first started out on this entrepreneurial path, I was SO. SCARED. I was constantly anxious about “having enough”. Always afraid that the floor of financial security would drop out from under me at any time. I avoided putting out newsletters or doing marketing outreach because I was afraid of being rejected – or worse, ignored.

Five Ways to Shift Your Energy and Stop Procrastinating

Five Ways to Shift Your Energy and Stop Procrastinating

1. Do a jumping meditation

If you've got too much on your mind to focus on work, try this short active meditation to get out of your head and get present in your body.

Set a timer for one minute.

Stand up, close your eyes, and let your arms hang loose at your sides. Consciously roll your shoulders back and down. Relax your jaw. Breathe in...and out....

Free Workshop: The Magic and Meaning Behind Your Favorite Colors

The Write Brave community is full of creative good-doers. Today I'm excited to turn you on to artist and intuitive painting teacher, Lora Frost.

A few weeks ago, I attended one of Lora's free workshops, and had an amazing experience learning about the magic and meaning behind the colors Red and Orange.

Your business needs some "Me Time", too!

I almost didn't write a post about this because it was so simple. (And on my more fearful days, simple = stupid).

But you know what? I've personally put off too many important things (and heard too many other business owners lament about their time) that I couldn't let this simple thing slide today. So, here goes...

Does your community help you stand tall, or is it crippling you?

Confession: I am a bad sitter.

If I’m not careful, I can spend a whole work day with my spine slouched, shoulders hunched, neck forward like a vulture while I write and design feverishly in front of my computer. My bad posture is a chronic problem and (according to many white-knuckled deep-tissue massage therapists) is probably a significant reason why I experience so much neck and upper back pain.