How to Niche (Without the Claustrophobia)

I hate being put in a box.

I mean that literally: I’m claustrophobic. (Elevators make me hyperventilate.) So, when my clients resist choosing a niche like a cat resists it’s carrier – I get it!

Recently, I’ve discovered a way of identifying a niche that feels less like getting stuck in a coffin, and more like...having your cake and eating it, too!

Instead of stressing out about identifying the one perfect ideal client, this process allows you to start where you're comfortable, then slowly spiral inwards towards thinking about "dream clients".

The clients that have done this work with me say they feel less anxious about focusing in on a niche using this exercise.

Here are a couple of examples of “targets” that I’ve created recently for my own clients. You can click either image to expand.

You'll see in both of these targets, that the big outer circle represents a more general group of clients that could benefit from working with them. (The types of clients in this wide circle could literally be anybody, if you're that much of a generalist!) As the circles move inward, each level gets more and more focused.

This tool isn't just about making you less anxious. Once you've completed this tool, it can help you get clear on the next steps you need to take to reach out to these clients. More on that later this week!

Ready to try this strategy yourself?

Download the PDF tool to create your own target. Then let me know in the comments below who your dream clients are!