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Note: Enrollment is currently closed for the program starting October 14th.

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I’m offering up a different way to bring your website to life.

This offering is for healers and soulful business owners who want their website to match their real-life warmth and energy.

This offering is for folks to have passion and purpose, but have not yet homed in on their magnetic message or voice.

This offering is for people who value the journey over the destination, and seek transformation over just a transaction.

How is this different from other web design packages?

Instead of solely working one-on-one, we also harness the power of community to help you hone your message and give you courage to claim your voice. (We do this by collaborating in monthly workshops with the 6 other clients in the program).

Instead of just offering graphic design, I also support you in creating authentic content and copy for your site.

Instead of 5-8 weeks, our work together unfolds over the course of 6 months.

If this nudges your intuition: Keep reading...

I am looking for 7 healers/soulful business owners to go on this journey together. Find out more below.


Who is this for?

If you're reading this, it means you might be one of my favorite kinds of people to work with:

  • you're expressive, soulful, and passionate about helping others who are hurting.
  • you've invested significant time, energy and resources into your work as a healer because healing others is not just your job--it's your life's work. Your purpose.
  • you want your online presence to come as close as (non-humanly) possible to matching your warmth, and your spirit.
  • you seek more than just a transaction: you seek transformation.


This program is not for you if:

  • You're looking for a miracle cure. An amazing website design alone will not save your business, nor will it launch you into Internet stardom. (A beautiful website certainly helps, but if you're not delivering high quality services AND doing the marketing legwork the chances of people seeing your website in the first place are very low.)
  • You actually want to learn design. If that's the case, I HIGHLY recommend Jenna Soard's Launch Your Brand course. (Feel free to let her know I sent you!)
  • You need a website up really soon! If that's the case, please contact me to find out my availability for a custom website design (without copy). If I'm not available, I'd be happy to refer you to a trusted colleague, as well! :)

I hope this offering will change your life

I created a six month program to help you become a champion of your own truths and values. Over the six months, I work with you side-by-side creating an online presence that comes as close as (non-humanly) possible to matching your warmth, your spirit, and your vision for a better world.  In a nutshell, we create:

  • content and copy that you believe in
  • a visual presence that inspires you and your clients
  • an overall web experience for your clients that matches your values and your message.


What will you walk away with?

At the end of the program, you will have:

  • A professionally designed Squarespace website that you can't wait to share with others
  • Website copy that confidently expresses what you stand for as a healer
  • A 6-month plan for creating regular blogs/newsletters for your clients (i.e. ready-to-go headlines and guides/templates for how to structure your blogs)


How will we work together?

This program melds focused one-on-one time with group workshops to give you the accountability and emotional support you will need to complete this journey successfully.

You will participate in:

  • Personalized assessments to hone in on your message and your voice as a healer
  • One-on-one design services to create your custom Squarespace website
  • "Write Brave" Intensives: One-on-one support to help you write your most important web copy
  • Monthly small group workshops to help you create blog content regularly, and to teach you to write clearly, evocatively, and with purpose.


What will we cover?

Some of the questions we will answer in these six months are:

  • What is my message?
  • How do I write my Home/About/Services Pages?
  • How do I make sure I'm writing in "my voice"? How do I work through Writer's Block?
  • How do I structure my site so that client's find it easy and enjoyable to use?
  • I want my site to inspire and provide value to my clients: how do I do that?


How much will it cost?

This six month program costs US$3,599.

(Payment plans are available).




Regular Bonuses:

Everyone who enrolls will also get:

  • a custom business card design
  • a custom Facebook header design
  • a custom logo watermark design to brand your original photos on your blog/Instagram/Canva/etc.


Early Bird Bonus:

If you sign up for the program and make an initial deposit by Thursday, September 25th at 9pm Pacific Time you will receive a bonus offering:

With your direction, I will design and launch a landing page for your new website so you can start to collect email addresses and drum up anticipation for your new site before the whole thing launches at the end of the program.


Who am I?


Nicole Bonsol, Write Brave

Before you commit to this work together, I know you will want to make sure that I'm also one of YOUR favorite kinds of people to work with. A bit about myself (that complements what you might find on Facebook or LinkedIn):


I'm a healer myself

Before becoming a full-time artist and business owner I worked in mental/behavioral health, serving families and young adults coping with severe mental illness.

I was a professional strength-finder: I helped people in crisis use their individual passions and skills to create lives they felt were worth living. I continue to volunteer at my old job, leading writing workshops--providing support as an artist instead of an administrator.


I'm in love with my work

 My 3 favorite things about my work are:

  • I get to use both the Artistic and Scientific parts of my brain. (I LOVE tinkering with a sentence or a design for hours to make it just right.)
  • I have the opportunity to really get to know the people I work with. (And I get to deliver things to my clients that make them feel validated and excited!)
  • I get to work with clients who improve lives, improve communities, and make the world a better place. :)

I work hard towards my goals.

And when you're my client, your goals are my goals.

We all have days when our passion ebbs, and those are the days we call on our grit and our work ethic to get the job done.

  • I worked hard in school. (I went to Stanford at 16 and graduated with a Master's by 21).
  • I worked hard at my job. (I was promoted twice to design/redesign two separate after-school programs, and I was recognized at the State Capitol for "Changing a Lifetime" as part of National Foster Care Month.)
  • I will work hard (and smart) for you.



Jenna Soard

"I feel so blessed to have met Nicole (one of my most brilliant Launch Your Brand students) because her positivity and talent in writing and design is so inspiring to me."

- Jenna Soard, Designer + Branding Expert,


"Nicole really listened and got behind my message and my story and my brand. Her enthusiasm is exactly what I want from team players. I felt very supported and understood by Nicole and am so grateful for her support in this process.

I would absolutely recommend Nicole's services to any entrepreneur, business or organization who wants to get more clear on their message and how to convey their value and their story to the world. Nicole can help you get clear and focused so your message is relevant to your audience. She will follow up and make sure she's offering you value and delivering what you need. She is open to dialogue making it a very collaborative, creative and fun process. What seemed very stressful and overwhelming became a really empowering and rewarding experience."

- Greg Wieting, Certified BodyTalk Practitioner & Reiki Master Teacher

Greg Wieting
Keri Nola

"Nicole, you rock! It's been an absolute pleasure working with you from our initial contact to this first finished product, I look forward to our continued connection and partnership on many projects to come!

I appreciated your contribution of ideas balanced with listening to my needs and desires. I loved your timely and prompt communication and your honoring of the deadlines we mutually agreed upon. I loved your genuine energy, passion, and heart that you put into your work.

I'm infinitely grateful, and I now have a piece of bonus content on copywriting for my coaching academy members that I feel extremely confident in and proud to share.”

- Keri Nola, Licensed Psychotherapist & Business Coach


Spots are limited

Only 7 applicants will be able to join

I will be giving a lot of personalized attention to the folks who join me on this journey, and for that reason I am limiting enrollment to only 7 healers.

The program starts on Tuesday, October 14th. Enrollment is currently open.

To apply for one of the few spots in the program, schedule a New Client Consultation by clicking below.


Why am I so passionate about serving you?


I believe your work is essential to our survival as a species.

I'm not even exaggerating.

There are so many reasons to be hopeless today: poverty, violence, hate...But people like you give me hope. I believe the energy that people like you put into helping others is what's so far kept the human race from destroying itself.


I believe fear is holding you back from making your greatest impact on the world.

We are all afraid of something: going broke; being told no; letting down our parents; making mistakes.

When we keep that fear to ourselves, it can get too heavy for us to carry alone. Instead of moving/growing/changing, we get weighed down by "What Ifs". We plop ourselves down and get stuck on our path.


I believe a small group of people can help you break through that fear.

When we share our fears with our community, we invite others to chip away at it with their affirmations. Their validation can help us get up, take action despite the fear and keep moving down our path.

Together we move forward. Together we change the world.


I'm certain that this offering is how I'm meant to contribute.

This offering combines my skills and passions and life's purpose, but there's another reason I know for sure that this is my calling. The reason is:

I'm terrified of it.

I know that sounds funny, but I'll let this quote from Steven Pressfield speak into it:

"Rule of thumb: The more important a call or action is to our soul's evolution, the more Resistance we will feel towards pursuing it."  --from "The War of Art"


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