Intuitive Branding and Web Design


You work to bring more mental / physical / spiritual healing into this world, and you want a beautiful website that reflects the quality and power of your work – an online presence that not only looks good, but feels good.

Excellent. We're on the same page. :)

Working together, I'll help you create a website that comes as close as (non-humanly) possible to matching your warmth and your spirit.



What's Included?

  • An in-depth brand personality assessment to hone your message and develop a powerful visual theme for your brand.

  • A logo (and variations).

  • Custom selection of fonts, colors, textures, and photos to build out the rest of your visual brand.

  • One round of copy-editing for your existing written content.

  • A mobile-responsive Squarespace website.

  • A personalized live training to teach you (and/or your assistant) how to add content to your new site on your own, and continue to create cohesive visual marketing materials going forward!



Extra-helpful bonuses:

  • A visual brand design kit. This is a “How To” reference for your brand that includes font and color palettes, your logo(s), and training on how to maintain your aesthetic when creating visuals for things like your newsletter, social media, etc..

  • Two weeks of Post-Launch Support, to help the transition once your site gets released into the real world.

  • Full access to "Write Brave: A Copywriting Course for Healers" if you need help writing your copy, or if you want to revitalize your content before we start working together!




Full Branding & Design packages start at US$3500.

Let's Make Some Magic Together


I meet with every one of my potential clients to make sure that I'm the right person for your needs, and that Squarespace is the right platform for your business. If another designer or another platform might be a better fit, I'm happy to make a referral!

*I am not currently accepting new clients.
If you need a referral, I highly recommend Becky at
Tech Side Simplified!

(P.S. If you mention I sent you, you may get a sweet bonus :)



A huge thank you to Nicole Bonsol who has supported me this year in making my dreams for the Find Your Flourish France retreat a reality. And for helping bring to life my vision for women flourishing in life through the most beautiful website I could have created- but not without your help! I adore you. Your creativity, your kindness, and willingness to help me at a moment’s notice are so appreciated. Know how amazing you truly are!
— Tiffany Goyer, LMFT //
“I really enjoyed working with Nicole. She was warm, caring and responsive to my needs. When we started working together all I had were a few pages on my website and a “sense” of how I wanted it to look, but I couldn’t seem to create that on my own. Nicole was able to tune into the essence of my business and turn that into a gorgeous website that embodied exactly what I wanted to express to the world. She truly has a gift. I highly recommend working with her!”
— Heidi Hoffman, Clinical Nutritionist + Health Counselor
Nicole is a visual brand whisperer. Her ability to intuit my visual brand identity verged on the savant. I wish everyone could have the opportunity to work with her - to enjoy her easy style, to feel like a collaborator, and to be given the gift of her immense talents + creativity to craft something that feels completely authentic, on target, and beyond what you could ever have imagined. She ‘gets’ you and renders your message so beautifully. I feel so fortunate for the opportunity to have my brand represented by her design.
— Jenna Teague,




↠ What prep work will I have to do before we can start?

Before I begin designing your website, you will need to purchase your domain name, submit a draft of your written content for the site, and complete my signature branding questionnaires.

↠ Will you help me write my website content, too?

Copywriting services can be added on to this package. Please contact me to discuss your needs and receive a quote. 

Or, if you'd rather write your content yourself (with my help) you can learn about the Write Brave writing course here.

↠ What other costs do I need to know about?

Your Squarespace subscription is between $8-$16 a month, depending on your website needs. This includes hosting, site security, automatic software updates & email/chat customer service. You can read more about Squarespace pricing here.

You will also need to purchase a custom domain (e.g. "") from a domain manager like GoDaddy, NameCheap or Hover. This is typically about $13/year. (I personally use to purchase all my domains).

Finally, you may also choose to purchase stock photos to use on your site. My past clients have spent anywhere between $0 and $150 on stock photos for their new sites.

↠ When can we start, and how long is the process?

I typically book out 2 to 3 months in advance, and this gives my clients plenty of time to finish their prep work. Sites are typically completed within 3-4 weeks.


↠ What if I need a website up right away?

I typically book up about 2-3 months in advance, but if you need a site up right now to start connecting with clients, I'll make you a landing page to welcome visitors / collect email addresses / get people to call you while your full site is being developed. (At no extra cost to you).

↠ I really need a Wordpress site. Can I still hire you?

To create a custom Wordpress site, you'll need to hire a designer and a developer. (Or someone who is both!)

As a designer (but not a developer), I can help you create your visual brand, but I wouldn't be able to code your design into Wordpress.

If you need a referral, I have a few excellent Wordpress designers to recommend. Please contact me to ask for a referral!

*I am not currently accepting new clients.
If you need a referral, I highly recommend Becky at
Tech Side Simplified!

(P.S. If you mention I sent you, you may get a sweet bonus :)