Let It Out


The first step in this process is to get what's in your head on to the page so we have something concrete to assess in Module 2.

For this module you'll need:

  1. A buddy

Step 1:

Get a friend / colleague who's a great listener to interview you using the questions below. Relax, get comfortable and answer the questions as honestly as possible. Record the conversation, but don't worry about um's or stutters because this isn't being published! (Yay!)

Why is this important:
You could answer these questions in writing, but there's something magic about how you describe your work live to another human being. Not every word or phrase will be something you want to publish, but the spontaneous nature of the interview might reveal something you haven't yet uncovered in your writing.

Step 2:

Transcribe your answers. You can either transcribe them by hand (tedious, but educational), OR you can send your recording to a transcription service like Rev.com. (It costs $1/min, so if your interview is 10-20 minutes long it might be worth it!)

You might feel tempted to give up here because it feels tedious, and time / money is an obstacle for you. Don't toss this exercise aside – IT. REALLY. WORKS.

I can't count the times I've written copy for a client, used a phrase that came directly from their mouth during an interview, and had them read it and say "Oh my god, I LOVE that. That's genius!" (Not remembering that they had said it, verbatim, earlier in the week).

I know your transcript will contain gold. Hold on to your transcript for Module 2, when we'll assess it for your distinct Voice qualities!

End of Module 1