Discover Your Voice Descriptors

In this module, we're going to get to the exciting self-discovery part! I'm going to share a tool to help you analyze your Voice and come up with 3 Voice Descriptors to help you focus your business-related communications.

For this module you'll need:

  1. The Voice Descriptor Tool

Step 1:

Review your transcript from Module 1, and use the tool to choose a Primary Brand Category.

Like most fun things, discovering your voice is part science and part art.

The science part, for me, is rooted in Brand Personality Research. The tool I put together for you is based on a Stanford paper titled, "Dimensions of Brand Personality" by Jennifer L. Aaker (1997). I've linked the paper in case you're up for a nerdy read, but in a nutshell: I use this research to make it easier for my clients focus their own brand personalities.

Instead of having to contend with 10s or 100s of different descriptors, you start by choosing 1 of 5. Aaker's 5 purest dimensions of brand personality are:

  • Sincerity
  • Excitement
  • Competence
  • Sophistication
  • Ruggedness

You'll see these dimensions on the tool. Give your content from last week a read and ask yourself which of these 5 categories comes through the strongest. If you're stuck between two and are feeling like having to pick one kills off this really important side of you, that's a common reaction. No need to worry! Pick one as your primary, and one as your secondary.

ACTION STEP: Write your primary (and secondary, if applicable) descriptors into your tool worksheet

Step 2:

Choose 3 Voice Descriptors that inspire you and convey your unique personality!

Now that you've settled into a Primary Brand Category, explore the 2nd and 3rd columns of the table. You'll see more descriptive words related to each major brand dimension.

Your task for this step is to pick out up to 3 descriptors from these additional columns that match elements of the content that you wrote. A few tips:

  • It's ok if all of your descriptors are fall under one major category. (Woohoo, über focused!)
  • If you had a Primary and a Secondary dimension that you came up with in Step 1, your descriptors might be split between these two categories.
  • You can pick from the words provided, or if another related word divinely pops into your head then use that!
  • The variation in these words is what sets you apart from other writing healers!
  • Pick words that stir your soul, remind you who you are, and inspire you to write!

Step 3:

So, while I was putting this together I realized something kind of magical! The Brand Personality Dimensions sort of map on to the 5 Elements present in Chinese medicine and philosophy (Fire / Earth / Metal / Water / Wood), and the Western Zodiac Elements (Fire / Earth / Air / Water)!

So cool, right?!

As a fun step, take a look at the fourth and fifth columns of the tool and see if the Element assigned to your Primary Brand Category matches.

*By the way, I'm by no means an expert on astrology or Chinese Medicine / Philosophy, but I am an enthusiastic amateur. If you happen to be studied in either I'd love to hear your thoughts on how these map on to the Brand Personalities!

End of Module 2