Does writing your About Page feel like it's killing your soul? I created this free email course to help take the mystery and stress out of writing one of the most important pages of your website.


A Writing Remedy for Healers

What if writing your About Page could make you feel...


Trapped by Writer's Block? Finish a from-the-heart About Page in minutes using a customizable template.


Learn how to connect with your readers while infusing your writing with more YOU.


I'll also show you how to style your page to give your words the visual weight they deserve.

Praise From Happy Healers

"I can't thank you enough!"

Hi, Nikki! I can't thank you enough for the thoughtful and thought-provoking pdf. You helped me so much with my About page! I had been so bummed about my launch and setting up my website that I was ready to give up. Your help (and the help of a couple other women bloggers in the Giveaway) gave me back my desire to succeed with this.

– D.N.

"Last night, I completely lost myself in your workbook!"

The process was so tremendously helpful! It helped me tap into my "why," my purpose, and my services in ways that I had not yet done and unlocked some key stuff for me. It also helped me feel better about "selling"/marketing myself and my services.

I fell into a writing brave wormhole, and when I emerged today, many hours later, I had a new home page, about page, and coaching page! How can I thank you enough?!"

– Jenna Teague, www.jennateague.com


"Using your template makes it much easier for me to just start writing..."

You inspire confidence in me with your very light attitude!! Also, you break things down into manageable ways of approaching the task at hand--communicating effectively with my ideal client. 

Lastly, the fonts, colors, layouts and other design elements that you use in your posts are truly so beautiful, inviting and calming that I always feel that I can't wait to implement what I am learning from you. Thanks again!

– M.B.


About Me

Hi, I'm Nikki! I’m a Writer and Graphic Designer, but you might also call me:

  • a brand healer,
  • a website whisperer,
  • or a blog birther.

(I love bringing things into being.)

I help healers who long to feel confident about their websites, but never quite feel like their work is good enough. I guide them through the (sometimes challenging, but always cathartic) process of creating their brand, so that they can’t wait to share their work with the world!

What parts of your brand can I help heal with this course?

Your "brand" is communicated through many facets of your business, but here are the 3 things I can specifically support you with:

1. Your Message: What do you stand for? What's the heart-felt mission statement that rallies your tribe? Figuring this out is the foundation for creating great copy.

2. Your Voice: What is it about your personality – your essence – that helps your message connect with the right people? How you consistently deliver your message is just as important as the message itself.

3. Your Visual Brand: Is your website as (visually) welcoming as you are in real life? Do your visuals elevate or distract from your message?