A Sneak Peek into the Branding Process


How do we translate the warmth and passion you bring to your business into a website?

Here's a sneak peek behind the scenes of the branding process for one of my clients.


Branding for Healers

Romea is a trauma therapist and dance teacher in Switzerland. She's creative, compassionate, and always speaks with a gentle honesty that'll make you feel warm and comforted (like you're holding a cup of tea to your heart).

Together, Romea and I dove deep into her brand personality and how it relates to her work.

For the trauma healing work she does, she told me how difficult it is for people to feel good about asking for help. It was important to her that the site be welcoming, approachable and warm. She wanted her site to validate her clients' experiences.

We met over Skype to brainstorm ideas for how we would communicate this. After some discovery and testing, we arrived at a concept we were excited about.


The Mood Board

I developed a mood board (pictured on the top right) to convey the essence of a "warm living force" that is both "fragile" and "strong".


The "warm living force" is inviting. It's something that Romea's ideal clients will want to reach out to and fill their (metaphorical) baskets with. It's welcoming, approachable, and warm.

Also, Romea wants her site to convey the duality between "fragility" and "strength" because people who are healing from trauma are simultaneously both of these qualities.


The Branding Board

I then used the mood board to guide the design of Romea's brand elements: the logo, the color palette, and the font palette for the site.

These elements are displayed on the branding board (pictured on the right).

Once the foundational elements were developed, I used them to create her final website (pictured below).

The Mood Board that evokes "warm living force", "fragility", and "strength".
Photo Credit (clockwise from top left): Peonies / Butterfly / Bubbles / Leaves

The Branding Board displays an idea for Romea's logo, color palette and font palette for the site.

Web Design for Romea Bausch