Soul Sistahs Unplugged

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Summer of Sisterhood 2017

Welcome to Soul Sistahs Unplugged, an on- and off-line community for diverse women entrepreneurs.

What's on the table?

Organic discussion and holistic resources about the realities & the opportunities of being a woman in business today.

Each of us is trying to live and work in alignment with our authentic selves.

It's not easy. But it's better together.

Who We Are

Aché Lytle

Prosperity & Purpose

Aché is the one you call when you know it's time to move past your fear to the place where your vision lives and spirit thrives. She's a fiercely passionate speaker, teacher, and leader whose purpose in life is to help others reveal the brilliant light and power that lives within all.


Jennifer Covington

Strategy & Sunshine

Whether you’re an activist, a free(dom) spirit or a womenpreneur with colossal vision, Jennifer can help you pluck ideas from your head + bring ‘em down into reality. “Officially,” she's a life coach and business strategist. Unofficially, she's a catalyst for change, an advocate for world peace, and one darn good listener.

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Nikki Bonsol

Creativity & Clarity

Nikki is a writer & visual designer who would love to  guide you through the (sometimes challenging, but always cathartic) process of finding your voice and defining your brand as a healer, so that you can’t wait to share your work with the world!