The SOUL SISTAHS UNPLUGGED RETREAT is a chance to spend some precious time with a vision that feels important to you — like a new direction for your business; a desire for more peace/joy/love in your life; or a book you have yet to write — and to call that vision into being with the support & accountability of your fellow healers & change-makers.

Each of us is trying to live and work in alignment with our authentic selves and our bigger purpose.

It's not easy. But it's better together.

We're aligning Mind-, Body-, and Spirit-work to help you
reConnect, rePurpose, & reFresh:

  • An agenda that balances the spiritual and practical, with a focus on sustaining your retreat realizations after the weekend is over.
  • Delicious meals and refreshments to keep you nourished and hydrated. (So important!)
  • Energizing AfroFunk DanceFitness® classes designed to help you access your power.
  • Enough time and space to reflect and connect with your fellow sistahs.
  • You’ll leave feeling on-purpose and re-committed to taking on your vision with a new tribe of sistahs at your back.

If you’re a female Purpose-preneur who has lot of online connections but longs for offline substance, let us take care of you.

Who We Are

Aché Lytle

Prosperity & Purpose

Aché is the one you call when you know it's time to move past your fear to the place where your vision lives and spirit thrives. She's a fiercely passionate speaker, teacher, and leader whose purpose in life is to help others reveal the brilliant light and power that lives within all.


Jennifer Covington

Strategy & Sunshine

Whether you’re an activist, a free(dom) spirit or a womenpreneur with colossal vision, Jennifer can help you pluck ideas from your head + bring ‘em down into reality. “Officially,” she's a life coach and business strategist. Unofficially, she's a catalyst for change, an advocate for world peace, and one darn good listener.

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Nikki Bonsol

Creativity & Clarity

Nikki is a writer & visual designer who would love to  guide you through the (sometimes challenging, but always cathartic) process of finding your voice and defining your brand as a healer, so that you can’t wait to share your work with the world!