I want to help you be seen.
Like, soul seen.

My name is Nicole Bonsol. As a writer and designer, I help healers like you create an online presence that excites and inspires, so that you can:

  • be seen,
  • build a movement around your work, and (ultimately)
  • transform lives.

Problem is: the right words or visuals don't come easy and you spend hours (days? weeks?) tweaking, but it still doesn't feel like you.

What's really happening there?

I believe that the biggest thing standing between us and our goals is fear. Fear of rejection. Of criticism. Of failure. Of disappointing others. Fear of being seen. Really seen...

Fear makes our brains cloudy. It can paralyze. It keeps us quiet.

But, there are hurting people out there who need to find you.

May I help you be seen?

Let's begin at the root...