Your dream?

An online presence that reflects your true essence.

A website that sounds like you – that feels like you. A website that you can step out in confidently.

With "Write Brave for Healers: A Step-by-Step Course for Writing Courageous and Connected Website Copy" I'll teach you how to write the three most important pages of your site (Home, About, and Services) in a way that allows you to stick to your principles and be really seen by your ideal clients.

This course may be for you if:

  • You're a therapist, coach, body/energy worker, or other healer whose work is very personal to you. You are the face and the essence of your business.
  • You’re new(ish) to writing web copy for your business, and you're confused about what to say and how to say it.
  • You’re frustrated with the web content you've got so far, and you've been staring at it so long it feels like you've beaten the magic out of your words.
  • You don't want your web copy to feel forced or too pushy. You want to learn how to write "values-based" content because you believe that what you stand for and your you-ness is what attracts your ideal clients.
  • You want to save money (and learn a life-long skill!) instead of hiring someone else to write for you.

Don't give up on your copy: Learn how to write through it!

Writing. Is. Hard. But it doesn't have to be paralyzing. You can get to the gold when you learn how to write through it.

As a Stanford-trained curriculum developer, I put all my nerdy goodness into designing this course with your business, life-style, and learning needs in mind.


I know how overwhelming and confusing writing your own website from scratch can be. This course breaks it down, page-by-page, paragraph-by-paragraph. I use these same prompts and over-arching structures to create each of my one-on-one clients pages.


No matter how well you know your subject matter, Writer's Block almost always seems to rear its ugly head. This course includes unique questions to help you get unblocked, so you can keep writing with a full heart, instead of feeling scared that you’re not “selling it” enough, or being TOO pushy, etc.

The Course Grows With You

Purchasing the course gives you lifetime access to the materials and all future updates. The course will be delivered in a virtual classroom that allows you to go at your own pace. (And the first half of the course is designed to be completed in as little as 15 mins a day!)

When is the course?

You can start the course as soon as you purchase it. Click the button below to head over to the shopping cart.

"Write Brave for Healers" is self-paced, and the online classroom is available 24/7. Everyone who purchases the course gets life-time access to the content and all the future improvements and course additions.

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In today’s world, Fear-based marketing seems to outsell Love-based marketing.

But what would it be like to live in a world where Truth and Love controlled the market?

What if you chose authenticity…instead of subtle manipulation?

What if your copy got clicks with love / inspiration / validation…instead of trying to get people to click out of Fear?

Writing copy in this new way takes courage, not only because it takes courage to show up with honesty online, but also because a lot of people might tell you you're wrong for not trying to trigger people with marketing psychology.

I believe that when you dig deep and consciously write copy from that empathic part of your soul, the connections you make with your readers are eternal. I believe that writing with Love slowly changes the world.

(Also? It just feels good. Right?)


What's included in the course?

Get a peek at all the modules we're going to cover together. I made you a little video!




The process was so tremendously helpful! It helped me tap into my “why,” my purpose, and my services in ways that I had not yet done and unlocked some key stuff for me. It also helped me feel better about “selling”/marketing myself and my services.

I fell into a writing brave wormhole, and when I emerged today, many hours later, I had a new home page, about page, and coaching page! How can I thank you enough?!
— Jenna Teague,
I achieved greater clarity around why therapy matters to me and how I work. Before working with you a lot of my ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ were vague and felt more intuitive than concrete. You asked great questions, which was hugely helpful for me to better identify and clarify my own thoughts and feelings.
— Sarah Palmer, MA, LMHC
I would absolutely recommend Nicole to any entrepreneur, business or organization who wants to get more clear on their message and how to convey their value and their story to the world. Nicole can help you get clear and focused so your message is relevant to your audience.
— Greg Wieting, BodyTalk Practitioner,

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This course is an educational and informational resource for business owners. It is not a substitute for working with a business consultant or other professional. I cannot guarantee the outcome of following the recommendations provided and any statements made regarding the potential outcome are expressions of opinion only. I make no guarantees about the information and recommendations provided herein. By purchasing this course you acknowledge that I cannot guarantee any particular results, as such outcomes are based on subjective factors that are not within my control. Therefore, following any information or recommendations provided in this course are at your own risk. For business advice personalized to your unique situation, I recommend hiring a business consultant or other professional. 


Refund Policy:

30-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you don't like the course, you have nothing to lose! If for any reason you're unhappy with the course, just send an email to within 30 days of your date of purchase, and we'll refund 100% of your payment. No refunds will be issued after 30 days have passed.